Vertain eCommerce website monitoring Account

Ensure that your web site is always up and speedy.
Verify that your customers can complete the transactions
that are are lifeline of your business.

"eCommerce" website monitoring account

Monitor transactions of up to 10 pages (or 10 URLs) every 20 minute. Validate page
content and size. In case of an availability problem, invalid content or timeout, get
notified right away by email alerts.

View your site's performance through our online console, where you can also activate
TraceRT and Ping, and manage alert delivery. Our technical support staff will review
your alerts and will help you or your web host diagnose and resolve problems.

Price: $135 per year, payable in advance by check or credit card. You'll be able to
upgrade to a higher-end account at any time.
    If you have any questions, please contact us.
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