QA automation scenarios without scripts - quick and
inexpensive to implement, easy to maintain, no additional
tools needed. End-to-end regression testing was never easier.

QA Managers:
Here are some of the reasons for using MoniQA™ for automated testing of your web applications:
No setup effort on your part. We take care of all the setup details, so you don't need to record, code, or mainatin scripts.
Low cost. Our rates are the lowest in the industry, and with our Metered Account you pay only for the amount of monitoring you actually use.
Accurate monitorng of end-user experience. MoniQA "views" your site through a standard Web Browser, from outside the firewall. This accurately duplicates the end users' experience, and eliminates false alerts and other issues related to cookies, security and Browser peculiarities.
No training required. Manage the service and get the data you need through an intuitive, easy to use Web interface.
Easy to adapt to site modifications. You won't need to re-record or re-code scripts when site pages are modified. We'll do it at no cost to you.
Extensive diagnostics help you solve problems: Incident logs, snapshots of content errors, complete URLs of error-causing requests, IDs of failed devices, TraceRT and Ping reports, hyper visits, and more.
No intrusive agents to install on your servers. Our hosted "active" monitoring service accesses your site exactly like your end-users.
Easy to specify transactions. MoniQA's Scenario-driven visiting logic is easier to set up and maintain than the Script-driven logic offered by our competitors. Intelligent data entry, page content awareness, branching and loop logic allow us to easily specify transactions of any complexity.
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