Sell our website monitoring service to increase revenues, gain
credibility and retain customers. No setup effort, no up-front
cost, convenient terms, easy upgrade path. Private label option.

Web Hosting Services:

Differentiate yourself from the competition by showing clients and prospective clients your servers' current uptime records, measured externally by an independent monitoring service. Click here to see an example. To try this out, open an account now and we'll start collecting uptime data right away. Then add an Uptime Report link to your site, so users can easily see the Uptime Report. It's simple, effortless and free.

You can also leverage our proven monitoring solutions to increase revenues and fill gaps in your service offerings. Our data will give your clients the information they need to assure that their customers get the desired uptime and performance level. Again, you don't need to install or maintain anything. We provide the monitoring service and the data to your clients, and you share the revenues.

Vendors of IT Services:
For companies seeking to enhance their service offerings with a Private Label best-of-breed transaction monitoring solution with minimum up-front investment. Under a strategic distribution relationship with us we'll integrate our alerts and reports with your existing systems.

Resellers and IT Consultants:
This program fits the needs of system integrators, software resellers, software developers, and other IT consultants who want to increase the value of their customized solutions by including our web monitoring services.

For more information about these partnership programs please email sales[at] or call 510-527-8046.

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