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Internet Consumers:

Have you ever been frustrated by inability to complete an on-line purchase, reservation, banking, or other transactions? Or by waiting too long for a page to be displayed on your Web browser?

We have been measuring these types of problems on leading on-line retailers and service sites for over two years, and our results can help you decide where to go for fast, trouble-free completion of your on-line transactions.

We maintain two publicly available "Benchmarks" that rank a wide range of Web sites based on their performance, as seen from the point of view of end-users like yourself. This information is continously being gathered by our Virtual Customer MoniQA, while trying to complete transactions on the various sites just like you and other users do. Our eTailer Index ranks the leading retail Web sites, which you would access primarily to purchase merchandise on-line. Our eService Index ranks a wide range of service Web sites, which you would access primarily to get information.

After visiting these pages, please email us any comments and suggestions you may have, including suggestions for sites to add to the existing Benchmarks, or new category of Benchmark that we should add. Thank you!

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