We offer website monitoring services ranging from uptime monitor and speed
monitor to multi-page transaction monitoring and application performance monitoring
with alert escalation, multi-recipient scheduling, diagnostics, and performance tracking.

Open a website monitoring account now and get
notified when there is a problem with your site. Minimize
business loss caused by downtime, content errors or
slow server response. Compare your site's performance
to our industry Benchmarks.

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  Why use our website monitoring service:
Get alerts on timeouts and content errors too.
Get alerts by voice phone calls.
Verify that your users can complete transactions.
Reduce your monitoring costs.
Ensure that your host delivers uptime and speed.
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Webmasters: Instantly activate a simple uptime monitor or an in-depth transaction monitoring service as used by eBay, Amazon, and JCPenney, at a fraction of their cost.

Web Hosting Services: Use your uptime report or speed report to improve service or impress prospective clients. Increase revenues and fill service gaps by providing your clients with our proven monitoring solutions.

IT Managers: Low cost, end-to-end transaction monitoring. No setup or maintenance cost, flexible alert escalation and multi-recipient scheduling, diagnostics and performance tracking.

QA Managers: Stop wasting resources writing and maintaining automation scripts. Our automated end-to-end transaction verification tool helps you diagnose even the most complex problems.

Vendors of IT Services: Enhance your offerings with a Private Label transaction monitoring solution integrated with your existing services at a minimal up-front investment.

Internet Consumers: Use our Benchmarks to select on-line merchants and services.
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eTailer Index, eService Index, and other industry-specific benchmarks and indexes See how leading eHosting
and ePhoto websites rank
in speed and uptime.
open a monitoring account
and compare your site's
performance to industry benchmarks.

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